Monthly Archive for May, 2008

Coincidence or Providence?

Well as many of you know Br. and Sis. Gordon of Home Baptist Church in Mt. Morris Michigan lost their house in a fire on may 16th. However horrible we as humans might see this as, we have to realize that this is all in gods plan. The day before Megan and I went through all of our clothes and weeded out the clothes that were not needed any more. Then the next morning we get the call that Br. Gordon’s house burnt down with all their clothes and valuables inside. Now do you think that this is coincidence or Gods providence that we would just happen to have four garbage bags full of clothes ready at our house that were the exact size that their son and daughter can wear. I believe that this is another small example of how amazing our God is. If you would like to share another story like this or would just like to comment on this please leave a comment on this blog.

May 9th Get Together

Well may 9th was one year after my brother Joshua died in a car accident. We decided to have a pig roast to honor his death. We can honor his death because he was a born again Christian and is now in heaven. Here is some pictures of the pig roast that I snapped while walking around.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church Building Dedication

The building dedication services at Faith of Traverse City (our sending church) on may 2nd and 3rd were very uplifting. I was blessed to be able to attend them. The speakers at the dedication were Mark Clark Jr., Bill Brooks, Mike Channel, Daryl Titus, and Roger Jones. All of the messages were excellent I will be posting pictures soon on this blog. If you are interested in tapes of the messages please post a message for me and I will do my best to get you tapes.

The call of God

For some time now I have been struggling with something, what it is I did not know I started to fall away from worldly things more and more my video games and my paint ball stuff didn’t mean as much to me and I didn’t know why. I was fighting a calling. But a calling to what. Then I thought that I had it, I was supposed to use my knowledge of computers and the internet to help churches reach people over the internet. That sounds good I can sit and do geeky things on the computer and still follow Gods call. But still I feel more of a calling to something is it to preach? To be a missionary to actual flesh and blood people? People that I would have to come in contact with and talk to person to person? That cant be it I cant do that I am afraid to even talk to people I know let alone witness to the lost of this world. But this verse in the bible keeps popping into my head Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”(KJV) and I know that I am able to preach Gods word if that is what he would have me to do. I request all your prayers on this matter I will need them. If anyone has any advice or would just like to share their calling with me please submit a comment to this post. Thank you.