Monthly Archive for November, 2008

Site Up

Well we now have our site up and running.  I am now going to start to gather audio files and start the audio archive that I have been thinking of.  I need your help though please email me if you have any sound baptist audio files so that I can put them on the site.  You can email me at

New Site Soon

Well i haven’t been updating this blog as much as i would like to but we do have some news that i would like to relay. we are getting a regular web site that will allow us to post our sermons to the web so you all can listen to our messages and hopefully i can get other files from churches around and store them in one place where people can go to listen to good sound men preach Gods word. but we will be getting that some time before the first of the year and believe me i am excited so tell everyone that you know to email me and i will give them the information that they need to either submit audio or listen or download audio from our archive. well thats all that i have for now hopefully my next post will be telling you that we are ready to host your churches audio.