Monthly Archive for September, 2009

Fall Conference @ Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Traverse City

Hi Brethren,
Our Fall Conference is quickly approaching!
On Saturday October 10th we at Faith Missionary Baptist Church,
 plan to host our annual Fall Conference.
This years theme will be; “WE SEE JESUS!”
        Starting at 10:00 am
Mark Clark jr preaching on Jesus as PROPHET
Mike Channell preaching on Jesus as PRIEST
        Resume at 1:30pm (approximately)
Bill Brooks preaching on Jesus as KING
JR Bourn preaching on Jesus as LORD
We look forward to seeing you there, as we look to see JESUS!
Randy Graber


We are very excited to be installing our baptismal. It was given to us by the church that we got the pews from. We are working on building two changing places and a spot for the baptismal on our stage. We cant wait for God to give us that chance to try it out for the first time.